10 Best ways to make a professional LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites. However, since LinkedIn is mostly used for professional purposes, it is now very popular, especially among the youth. It is a platform where you can showcase your skills, abilities, education, experience, etc. You might think that even a resume can do these things, But one thing you must remember is that the resume is not sent to anyone unless someone does it personally. For this, you must have a professional LinkedIn profile.


Also, if you update your profile on LinkedIn, the number of visitors is likely to increase. Basically, through LinkedIn, you will be able to tell the job world a little bit about yourself. This will increase your acquaintance. So, a professional heavy LinkedIn profile most of the time has this ranking.

Whether employers accept the fact or not, they google the names of the candidates before hiring only to check the background which is essential for them to know thoroughly before hiring you.


The LinkedIn profile page refers to the foundation of your personal branding and we regularly add features to enhance its capabilities as a personal marketing platform and provide you with new ways to signal your skills and inspiration. If you haven't recently tested your profile page, you can easily find new ways to build your personal brand.

Now let's learn how we can create a LinkedIn profile as follows;

10 Best ways to make a professional LinkedIn profile

1. Choose a profile picture for LinkedIn.

Your profile picture is a process of getting to know you on LinkedIn and controlling their effects from the start. There are some great posts on LinkedIn explaining how to choose the right profile picture, but here are some quick tips to get you started. First, make sure the image is recent and looks like your current face. Wearing what you want to wear and smiling with your eyes means trying to have a smiling face.


2. Add a background photo.

The second visual element refers to the background of your photo. It attracts people's attention. The right background photo helps make your page stand out, attract attention, and be memorable.


3. Enlarge your title from the job title.

There is no rule that the description at the top of your profile page should be just a job title. If you have sales representatives in your company who are involved in social sales, check out their profile page headings for inspiration. They will almost certainly have more than just the title of their work there.


4. Turn your summary into your story.

The first thing about your LinkedIn Summary is to make sure you have a story to tell! Your essence is the opportunity to tell your own story. So don't use it to list your skills or the job titles you have. Try to bring to life why those skills are important and the differences they can make

with the people you work with. Never be afraid to invest, try a few drafts and run with an overview of the people in your familiar past. This is the most personal part of your content marketing and it is worth your effort.


5. Extend the network.

Currently, the easiest way to grow your LinkedIn network. Now one of the most relevant ways is to sync your profile with your email address book. It enables LinkedIn to advise those you can connect with It's amazing how effective it can be to surface relevant people to reach you, and no connection requests are sent without your permission. So you can check all possible connections Also make it a habit to follow up meetings and conversations with LinkedIn connection requests. This will show you a great way to keep your network vibrant and fresh.


6. List your relevant skills.

This is one of the fastest things to do on LinkedIn. Scroll through the list of skills and identify those that are relevant to you now very easily. Doing so will help you prove your point in the title and summary and provide an opportunity for others to provide a platform to support you. However, the main points here remain relevant. A long list of skills that are not really the core of who you are and what you do.


7. To spotlight the services you offer.

Services is a new LinkedIn feature that helps showcase the range of services offered to consultants, freelancers, and those working for small businesses. Completing the services on your profile can increase your visibility in search results.


8. Approve spreading love.

Prove your skills and increase your credibility with other members. How do you get approved on LinkedIn? For starters, identify the connections that you think are truly worthy of your approval. It often serves as a trigger for people to return support. Don’t be afraid to communicate with a polite message asking for approval for a few key skills as well.


9. Efficiency assessment.

A skills test is an online test that enables you to display your skill level and a verified skill on your profile. Demonstrating your ability will make your personal brand stronger. Displaying the results of your skill assessment is a completely voluntary task, and you can retake the tests as many times as you like before showing that you have passed.


10. Request recommendations.

Your profile gives a quick, visual idea of ​​how people view approvals. The recommendations take things one step further. These are personal writing testimonials to highlight the experience of working with you. The Recommendations section of your profile has a simple drop-down menu that will make it easier to reach specific contacts and request recommendations. 


The more content you share and comment on LinkedIn, the more you will prove your skills and thought-leadership. Publishing a long-form post is a normal step. A great starting point is to monitor the feedback you receive on your comments and shares. Your connections keep you connected to what they are talking about. Be prepared for your long-form posts to start a new conversation. Always keep an eye on the comments and be prepared to respond in any way.